Cooked from Scratch for Your Event

Savor the flavor of Jamaica with delicious dishes to spice up your event. From office meetings to family gatherings, we can accommodate any size group. Share the taste of the Caribbean to make your next event a real island adventure -- your guests will love it.

Call your nearby GK for pricing details and full menu availability.

BBQ Chicken<br /> Large Tray

BBQ Chicken
Large Tray

Braised Oxtail<br /> Large Tray

Braised Oxtail
Large Tray

Jerk Chicken<br /> Large Tray

Jerk Chicken
Large Tray

BBQ & Jerk Chicken Wings<br /> Half Tray

BBQ & Jerk Chicken Wings
Half Tray

Steamed Vegetables & Fried Sweet Plantains<br /> Half Tray

Steamed Vegetables & Fried Sweet Plantains
Half Tray

Cocktail Patties<br /> Half Tray

Cocktail Patties
Half Tray

Golden Fried Chicken<br /> Large Tray

Golden Fried Chicken
Large Tray

Brown Stew Chicken<br /> Large Tray

Brown Stew Chicken
Large Tray

Curried Chicken<br /> Large Tray

Curried Chicken
Large Tray

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