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National Jamaican Patty Day
Join Us As We Celebrate the 2nd National Jamaican Patty Day!
Saturday, August 6th, 2016
Visit your nearest Golden Krust from 12pm to 4pm for 99cent Beef Patties (one per person)

A Jamaican patty is usually defined as a “turnover style pastry” which can have a variety of fillings, such as ground beef, chicken, seafood or vegetables. The crust is ideally flaky in texture, half-moon in shape, and the fillings are usually hot & spicy, but milder varieties are available for the faint of heart! It is said that the Jamaican Patty as we know it today, was born from the English Cornish Pastry, a similar concoction that came to Jamaica during the early Colonist days. It also bears a resemblance to the Spanish empanada.

The patty has become a staple among Jamaicans, acting as a quick “grab-n-go/ meal-on-the-run” type of snack. A typical Jamaican eats a patty or two for a lunch meal while in school or at work. It serves well as a hot & nutritious snack and when paired with a coco-bread it becomes a belly-filling & satisfying meal in itself!

To satisfy all tastes, at Golden Krust we offer a variety of fillings which include Spicy Beef, Mild Beef, Cheezee Beef, Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetable, Spinach and Soya. The family tradition of freshly baked breads, pastries and the most powerful patties have been pleasing the taste buds of the masses far and wide. Our flaky and flavorful patties will help GK achieve its goal of bringing the taste of the Caribbean to the world! We want you to Celebrate the Power of the Patty with us on August 6th, 2016 by stopping by your nearest Golden Krust location.

This National Jamaican Patty Day (#NJPD) not only represents the Power of the Patty but it also serves as a direct tribute to Mavis and Ephraim Hawthorne’s (parents of GK owners) bold entrepreneurial spirit and hard work, all while raising 11 children. We look forward to celebrating the month of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill’s inception, the birthday of Mavis Hawthorne, the Matriarch of the company, and now National Jamaican Patty Day in August.

Please join the Golden Krust family to Celebrate the Power of the Patty at our flagship location at 1381 E Gunhill Road, Bronx, NY, 12pm to 4pm. Enjoy free samples, giveaways, live entertainment and much more.

National Jamaican Patty Day will be celebrated annually on the first Saturday of August.

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