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National Jamaican Patty Day
Join Us As We Celebrate the 2nd National Jamaican Patty Day!
Saturday, August 6th, 2016
The power of the patty Sweepstakes

Celebrate Golden Krust's inaugural National Jamaican Patty Day with us at your nearest GK patty retailer. If not sure where to find us, Google nearest options. First timers? Be sure to join in on the celebration! No better day to have your first Jamaican Patty than on National Jamaican Patty Day. 

We will be having our main celebratory event at our flagship store at 1381 E. GunHill Road, Bronx NY. For those of you who aren't in New York, you're taken care of as well. You can celebrate with us at our stores across the country. If you're not near a store, you can still join in buy purchasing our product from a local supermarket or club- stores. 

Everyone, no matter where you are in the U.S., can join the fun by celebrating online by participating in our sweepstakes. 

How to enter the Sweepstakes?

Once you're having a Golden Krust patty, you're already winning - but here's a chance to win even more! First place winner will receive a FREE round trip flight* (*=from NY area airports) to the Caribbean. In addition to a free Caribbean getaway, the first place winner will receive a free supply of patties for a year - all courtesy of your good friends over at Golden Krust. Second place will still receive free patties for a year. Third place will receive gift package featuring a variety of our most popular products, and 50 patties as well. 

Find Registration information below. Not only is the Golden Krust Patty powerful enough to now be a mainstream snack for all ages across the country and overseas - it can now win you a free round trip ticket to the Caribbean - enjoy!

Registration info:

You can submit your entry via three (3) social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

1) Follow/like the Golden Krust account on the platform in which you chose to submit, or all 3. You have to follow to win. 

2) Post a picture of the #GKNJPD logo on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account with the hashtags #GKNJPD & #goldenkrust. We have posted the GKNJPD logo above (logo will be on the IG/FB post with this verbiage beneath it), so it's now yours to circulate and celebrate. 

3) Want to beef up your chances of winning? Post a #pattyselfie showing how you enjoy our flavorful Golden Krust patties. Use the #GKNJPD & #goldenkrust hashtags. Be sure to mention @goldenkrust in the post so that we are alerted directly.

Just like that, you have a chance to win one of 3 amazing prizes. Good luck and enjoy the National Jamaican Patty day festivities. Share the fun (post pics), Enjoy the flavor (try a patty, or two), and celebrate the Power of the Patty.

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