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Apr 18th, '11  
Golden Krust Appoints Chairman of Franchise Advisory Council
April 18, 2011 While Franchisees and Franchisors are bound together by mutual interests and goals, as with any business system, growth brings with it both new opportunities and new challenges. At 120 franchises and growing, Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill has the distinction of being the largest Caribbean food based franchise in the nation. The ability to not only inspire, but also innovate and adapt has been one of the tents of CEO and company founder Lowell Hawthorne?s philosophy that has kept the company on a steady growth track. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with franchisees to foster an open and valuable exchange of information, Hawthorne notes that ?the time has come for us to revive the Franchise Advisory Council within Golden Krust. I am convinced that with a collaborative group of movers and shakers within the system, we can move the organization on to even greater heights.

To that end, he has named long-standing franchisee Mr. Stanley Dennis as Chairman of the Franchise Advisory Board. As the owner of two continually successful Brooklyn based franchises for over a decade, Mr. Dennis has exhibited an unparalleled commitment and passion, coupled with a keen business sense and particular sensitivity to the community he serves. ?Stanley Dennis is the right man to spearhead this arm of Golden Krust a veteran GK franchisee who shares our core values, he possesses the leadership, integrity and sincerity needed to partner with GK corporate on this initiative, adds Hawthorne.

As Chairman of the Franchise Advisory Board, Mr. Dennis will direct the board?s role of providing advice, direction, and acting as the business ?hub? that connects the franchisees to Golden Krust Corporate, to one another, and initiatives and direction that will lead to continued growth for all. Since personal relationships are threads that bind successful franchises, perhaps one of the most important tasks that falls under Mr. Dennis? board is the maintenance of these very key relationships that become more challenging with the growth fostered by success. The relationships between Golden Krust and the community are one of the pillars upon which the company?s philosophy stands. Quality products, service and constant innovation have also been the hallmarks of Golden Krust's success. With the revitalization of the Franchise Advisory Board, Mr. Hawthorne sees a key tool to staying ahead in the game of growth while remaining faithful to these core principles that are part of the brand?s DNA. Golden Krust sees the community?s well being as inseparable from its own, and the Franchise Advisory Board will be a leading player to meet coming challenges. ?We cannot afford to be complacent and lay dormant while the storms roll by, he notes.

About Golden Krust:
A family-operated business founded by Lowell Hawthorne, Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill is the nation?s largest Caribbean-themed franchise with 120 restaurants in nine states. Golden Krust has brought food lovers a taste of the Caribbean for over twenty years through the franchises and Jamaican patties being sold in grocery stores throughout the East Coast. This summer, Golden Krust will introduce a new line of Caribbean sauces that Mr. Hawthorne has developed.
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