Hawthorne & Sons Bakery

1949 Hawthorne & Sons Bakery

Near St. Mary Jamaica, Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne, parents of our founder Lowell Hawthorne, ran Hawthorne & Sons Bakery for more than 50 years with the help of their 11 children working on the expanding dream.

1989 The first Golden Krust

The Hawthorne siblings, along with their spouses, put their savings together and opened the first Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery at 1381 E. Gunhill Road, New York.

The first Golden Krust
Manufacturing plant built

1993 Manufacturing plant built

Golden Krust moved its manufacturing plant to the South Bronx and eventually purchased nearly the entire block from 172nd Street to Claremont Parkway on Park Avenue.

1996 The first franchisee

Golden Krust opened its first franchise location in Brooklyn, New York to Mr. Earl Chin.

The first franchisee
100th restaurant opens

2005 100th restaurant opens

Golden Krust celebrated the opening of its 100th store in Queens, NY.

2005 Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation

The Founders of Golden Krust launched the MEHGKF in honor of their parents.

Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation
Celebrating 20 years

2009 Celebrating 20 years

Golden Krust celebrated 20 years of operation.

2011 Microwavable patties

Golden Krust made a break into the retail industry with microwaveable patties.

Microwavable patties
The Baker’s Son

2012 The Baker’s Son

Founder Lowell Hawthorne released his memoir entitled "The Baker's Son."

2014 Celebrating 25 years

Golden Krust celebrated 25 years of operation

Celebrating 25 years
Golden Krust launched National Jamaican Patty Day

2015 Golden Krust launched National Jamaican Patty Day

National Jamaican Patty Day (NJPD) is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in August.

2016 Undercover Boss!

Golden Krust founder Lowell Hawthorne was featured on "Undercover Boss" Season 7 Episode 12

Undercover Boss!
The Golden Truck!

2016 The Golden Truck!

Golden Krust launched its promotional "Golden Truck", giving out free patty samples in Times Square, and at company events.

2017 Farewell Mr. Hawthorne

Golden Krust mourned the passing of founder and CEO Lowell Hawthorne.

Farewell Mr. Hawthorne
Golden Krust expands into Canada

2018 Golden Krust expands into Canada

Two restaurants opened in North York and Brampton, Ontario.

2019 30 Golden Years!

Golden Krust celebrated 30 years of taking the taste of the Caribbean to the world.

30 Golden Years!

2019 Non-GMO

Golden Krust introduces a Better For You offering in our non-GMO Vegetable and Spinach patties.

2020 Delivery

Golden Krust joins third-party delivery with Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, EZ Cater

Loyalty App

2020 Loyalty App

Golden Krust launches new Golden Krust Rewards Loyalty Application

2022 Blazin' Pepper Shrimp

Golden Krust releases new Blazin' Pepper Shrimp Patty

Blazin' Pepper Shrimp
Jerk Chicken Salad

2023 Jerk Chicken Salad

Golden Krust releases first of its kind Jerk Chicken Salad

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