Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant has a 70 year heritage of untouched recipes. Our patties are the #1 selling patty in North America.

A history of <br>unprecedented growth

A history of
unprecedented growth

A global business with over 115 restaurants in North America

A global business with over 115 restaurants in North America

Programs designed to support your success both before and after you open your restaurant

Programs designed to support your success both before and after you open your restaurant

Golden Krust Storefront

Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant is a premier producer and the largest franchisor of authentic Caribbean cuisine sold in over 125 franchise restaurants throughout North America. The original restaurant was formed 30 years ago and still exists today. Golden Krust produces over 40 million Jamaican patties per year, with systemwide sales of over $100 million and employs over 1,800 teammates.

We exist to provide a fresh, new dining experience for today’s ever demanding consumer and a savvy business opportunity for you, the success-minded entrepreneur.


An opportunity to invest in a business that brings true fulfillment.


This model is characterized by a unique and vibrant atmosphere with bright, energetic colors and motifs that depict the fun-filled look of the Caribbean, making for a completely unique dining experience.

Jerk ’N Patties

We believe we have created the perfect solution for those communities who are truly on-the-go. This 1,000 - 3,500 square foot end cap restaurant boasts increased visibility for higher traffic and more convenience with a curated menu for our on-the-go customer base.

Investment Breakdown

The total investment necessary to begin operating a Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant or a GK Jerk ’N Patties ranges from $225,900 to $620,000.

$81,000 - $307,000
$48,000 - $98,000
$4,400 - $16,000
$3,000 - $15,000
$0 - $45,000
$6,000 - $12,000
$3,000 - $10,000
$2,500 - $5,000
$8,000 - $18,000
$30,000 - $54,000
$225,900 - $620,000


We are committed to ensuring our franchisees are given the tools needed to provide their customers with outstanding service at every touch point.


We utilize our site selection expertise along with our demographic studies to help you select a premier site.


We provide guidance when you are selecting, purchasing and/or leasing equipment for your restaurant.


We are committed to offering a learning environment that fosters continuous growth through information sharing and skills training.


Franchisee features

Ravi & Zorida Manoo
(Orlando, FL and Clermont, FL)
Franchise Owner

“During our college years, the local Golden Krust not far from campus was our home away from home. We were able to enjoy filling meals on a college student’s budget, and it remained a place we continued to patronize. After successful careers, and starting our family, we decided to relocate to Orlando, FL. Our love for the Golden Krust concept brought us to open our first store, the first in the Central Florida market. As first-time business owners, with no prior food service experience, the odds were definitely against us; however, the guidance and support we received from the entire Golden Krust Organization on every level, made all the difference in our success. Golden Krust provided us the tools and guidance to operate successful and profitable restaurants; the franchise model also instills a great level of community responsibility, something we credit for much of our success. It also speaks volumes for a company such as Golden Krust to have guided individuals like ourselves, who had never taken a step into a restaurant kitchen, to today being the proud owners of four successful locations. Over the years our commitment to the brand and the success of our stores have earned us numerous recognitions such as being named one of IFA’s 2015 Franchisee Of The Year, and in 2018 we were honored to be Golden Krust’ coveted Franchisee Of the Year and the recipient of The first Lowell Hawthorne Gold Star Award. It is truly an honor for us each day to know that we are part of a franchise that values who we are and will work with us towards achieving our goals to be successful entrepreneurs.”

Theo Burnett, CPA
(Lawrenceville, GA and Conyers, GA)
Franchise Owner

“It is with tremendous pride and gratification that I stand here to tell the world that I am proud, happy, grateful and excited to be a Golden Krust Franchisee. The Hawthorne family has granted me the opportunity to be a part of their success, touching lives here and abroad. After working closely with Jacqueline Hawthorne for several years, I was encouraged and fascinated to see what the family was doing for the community. In 2016 they allowed me to own the 1st Golden Krust with a full-blown Drive thru experience in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Because of the success of the brand, 2 years later in 2018, I acquired my second Golden Krust store in Conyers, Georgia. Many thanks to Ms. Jacqueline Hawthorne and the rest of the Hawthorne family for believing in me as I certainly believe in them and the Golden Krust brand. The Golden Krust family has allowed me to positively touch many lives in the community from job creation to various charitable donations. I will continue to trust the business model and will always be an advocate for the world’s largest Caribbean restaurant franchise - Golden Krust.”

Earl Chin
(Sunrise, FL)
First Golden Krust Franchise Owner

“It is with profound gratitude that I credit my success as a Golden Krust franchisee to Mr. Lowell Hawthorne and his family who have been instrumental in my success and have instilled in me the confidence and commitment I needed initially to succeed. Through this exceptional partnership, I have made significant strides since I first began in 1996. To date, I have successfully operated three locations in New York and have recently embarked on the fourth in sunny South Florida. The opportunity to be a franchise owner has infused positivity into every level of the restaurant experience and serves as a proven business model that provides the perfect opportunity for continued growth of the Golden Krust brand.”

Patrick Stewart
(Snellville, GA)
Franchise Owner

“My wife and I are blessed and humbled to be franchisees of Golden Krust. We are in our sixth year in this business and have not regretted the investment we made to join this great team. We are very pleased at the impact our business is making in the surrounding communities. I would encourage everyone who has a passion to serve others and be successful doing so to take the challenge and join us.”

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How can I be a franchise owner?

The first step towards becoming a Golden Krust franchise owner is completing and submitting our application. Golden Krust will also provide our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. This document contains material terms about Golden Krust and will help you decide if we are a good match for each other. Our leadership team will make itself available to answer any questions that you may have about the FDD. Later, we will schedule a Discovery Day where you will have an opportunity to meet the entire team, take a facility tour, and have any outstanding questions answered.

In which states and provinces are Golden Krust restaurants opened?

Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Texas.

How much money will I make?

Profitability depends on many factors including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms and your ability to operate the business effectively.

what is the term of the franchise agreement?

Ten (10) years with options to renew.

What kind of support do you provide your franchises?

Assistance with site selection
Development and construction as required
Manuals for operations, training, design and construction
Field service
Operational support

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